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Beginner Player Event


Age Limit Applies to: Duration; 5hours

-10-14 yrs with adult. First game only.

-14+ yrs without adult.

REGULAR TACTIC EVENTS Dedicated to beginners who wish to join Airsoft sports.

They are not our REGULAR WARFARE GAMES!!! Our Goal of this event is to show beginners and regular players what Airsoft really is!

We will practice "TACTIC" using Real Firearms Replicas (Airsoft) to simulate Combat environment, in a controlled manner we will test our team leading, team communication & combat tactic skills! Airsoft weapon handling in a safe manner, plus many more..

We provide Rental Package for beginners for only £40 pp that include, Full Face Mask, Airsoft Rifle, Unlimited BB's, camo overall, camo jacket or vest.

This event a excellent opportunity to practice self control.. polish your social communication skills, be aware of your environment & to enable you to be thinking for yourself and your team!

As always Regular players are welcome!


-Walk on £20 pp

-Rental Package £40 pp

-Party Booking £35 pp

Power in Numbers


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