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Live rounds shooting and weapons training course


Crime and violence are seemingly everywhere. Where are you and your loved ones safe? Where are you not? What can you do to protect yourself and others when the unthinkable occurs?

Live Rounds Shooting and Weapons Handling Course.

Location: Poland ( Weekend trip )

Shooting range SPECTRUM - Cibórz - Zielona Góra - Świebodzin - Słubice - Krosno Odrzańskie ( Date: Last weekend of July 2023.



AirSoft Cardiff experienced Instructor staff introduce you to the exciting New Shooter Program. This course will give you a look at all topics concerning being new to firearms and the shooting world. Our instructors will introduce you to the 4 Universal Safety rules as well as the 7 fundamentals of marksmanship. Proper gun handling will be taught along with hands-on practical exercises to aid the student in loading and unloading procedures, that will be coupled with the integration of solid fundamentals with each individual student getting instructor mentorship in a controlled, classroom environment that will foster a conducive, comfortable learning environment. Once safe gun handling and the fundamentals are cemented with the student, we will move to one of our premier ranges to conduct a 50-round familiarization fire where each student will receive individual coaching from one of our Instructors and range staff.


COST: £200.00 LENGTH: 5 hours


Urban Rifle is a three part series that starts you down the path to help solve issues when violence knocks at your door. Throughout the series, our experienced instructors will guide you through the mindset, tactics, skills & equipment needed in the protection of yourself as well as others. Our methodology stresses the importance of the application of the fundamentals, coupled with realistic content, and the use of a firearm in the protection of life. URBAN RIFLE LEVEL I Urban Rifle I introduce the shooter to the “Art of the Rifle”,and how to skillfully employ it for the protection of self and those that we are responsible for. Our coaches will help you in defining the role of the rifle, nomenclature, understanding why a rifle is “set up”, function, and zeroing procedures. The primary focus is on building solid fundamentals for accuracy and recoil management and finishes with the ways to manipulate the weapon system. The purpose of the series is on the employment of a rifle in an urban/home protection environment.


COST: £200.00 LENGTH: 6hours


Urban Rifle II takes you further on your journey of becoming proficient with your rifle. Skills learned in Urban Rifle I will be revisited with additional information added to cement a solid foundation. Fast, and accurate shooting will be employed to engage threats from a variety of angles, positions, and solutions for multiple targets, all the while coupled with proper mindset and situational awareness. Additionally, coaches will also mentor you through actions to reduce simple and complex malfunctions, and various shooting positions. Utilizing cover in respect to home defense is the purpose of this class.

PREREQUISITE: Urban Rifle I or Equivalent Training Course

COST: £150.00 LENGTH: 4 hours


Urban Rifle III is a dynamic, fast-paced rifle course meant to instruct, but push the limits of the student, by introducing complex critical tasks in a realistic environment. This class is designed so the participant will have to employ the core fundamentals taught in Urban Rifle I & II, engage in critical thinking, while demonstrating a high level of rifle handling ability. Diagnostic assessments will be performed, “Cold and On Demand” at the beginning of class, progressing through dynamic movement, multiple target engagement, introduction to transitioning to a pistol (preparation for the Gunfighter series), malfunction clearance, and culminating with home defense/low light scenarios in to identify strengths and weaknesses to provide the student with future training goals and decide if the AR platform is suitable for home defense.

PREREQUISITE: Urban Rifle II or Equivalent Training Course

COST: £150.00 LENGTH: 4 hours

This is our Team trip to Poland,as always everyone is welcome!

there will be additional cost of transport (hire van) hotel and food.

we estimated those addidionall cost will be Total 200 pounds per person.

For more information just give us a call.

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